Pickup Truck Ambulance

Spacious and comfortable ambulance pickup trucks come equipped with up to 4 sliding windows, allowing full airflow. They also feature storage compartments around the vehicle.

The ABL-1100-F-EX is equipped for life-saving efforts for patients, accident victims, and critical patients inside the ambulance pickup truck, fully stocked with basic medical equipment for emergency medical treatment and transportation to the nearest hospital.

Patient Room Capacity 5.7 cu.m.
Interior Dimensions
(L) 2,320 x (W) 1,580 x (H) 1,560 mm.

4x4 & 4x2

The new standard for ambulance pickup trucks today is cost-effective and ensures maximum safety in patient transportation. The spacious interior is equipped with life-saving devices according to international standards.
We strive to offer advanced solutions using the latest technology, prioritizing safety and investment security in each vehicle tailored to the specific needs of patients and emergency teams.

Pickup Ambulance

Introducing updated interior design standards for pickup truck ambulances.

The interior features seamless fiberglass construction and specialized cabinets for oxygen tank storage, complemented by an air conditioning unit with an ionizer.

It also includes practical side and front storage compartments, along with a fiberglass floor equipped with a stretcher base and textured sheeting for impact resistance and easy maintenance.

Patient Room Capacity 5.7 cu.m.
Interior Dimensions
(L) 2,320 x (W) 1,580 x (H) 1,560 mm.
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